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Ignition Repair

The ignition is one of the more vital elements of your vehicle. It is the stimulus from which all other operations start and end. Unfortunately, this is also one of the components that is susceptible to failure. This failure is emphasized with increased and constant use. Like having a spare or duplicate key, it is recommended to periodically check your ignition for signs of failure as preventative maintenance to keep yourself from being stranded!

A few common symptoms of a failed or failing ignition are the following:

  • Broken key stuck inside of ignition
  • Clogged or dirty ignition
  • Damage from attempted theft or criminal tampering
  • Key won’t turn and/or stuck ignition
  • Faulty ignition switch
  • Key enters ignition but cannot be removed and is
  • stuck
  • Car will not start
  • Key turns but will not crank