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Car Key Duplication

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There isn’t a more frustrating feeling of needing to be somewhere; whether it is for an emergency or for convenience, only to be stopped by not being able to find your keys! A relatively cheap alternative to this is to go ahead and bite the bullet and get a spare set. As bias as it sounds, coming from a locksmith, it is MUCH cheaper and absolutely more convenient to have a spare set as opposed to losing your only set during an emergency or when you need them.

We at Bolt Mobile Locksmith use the finest key blanks and apply the latest technology in key duplication to guarantee a clean, laser-cut key with a virtually unbeatable accuracy rate of 99%. We are faster, cheaper, and come to your location with no dealership wait time. All while being more affordable than your dealer and other competing locksmiths.

Common Reasons For Car Key Duplication

There are numerous great reasons for having your keys duplicated and copied. Whether for convenience, preparation for emergencies, or to save money. The necessity for a spare set of keys is undeniable. Here are some common reasons to have your car keys duplicated:

Car Keys Wear And Tear

After constant and daily usage, the key blade can become worn down through repetitive contact with the interior sides of the door cylinder or ignition walls. This causes the key to sit loosely in the cylinder and can lead eventually lead to problems with unlocking and starting your vehicle. Duplicating a key sooner before it gets to this level of being worn helps to ensure maximum functionality and accuracy of the new duplicated key.

Broken keys are the number one most common cause of lockouts. By having multiple keys on hand, you can also avoid having one key take ALL of the wear and tear by alternating between the two keys.

Multiple Users

The most common and seen reason why most car keys are duplicated are due to the fact that many households have many users for each vehicle. With multiple people using the same vehicle, it’s often easier to have an extra set than to pass the same set of keys back and forth.

Having a spare set removes this nuisance, in addition to, removes the possibility of losing the only set of keys that constantly gets passed back and forth. Additionally, when each individual has their own set of keys; in the event when a set is lost there will always be a spare.

Lockout Prevention

In the event of a lockout; whether it is from locking your own set of keys in the vehicle or losing your keys you can avoid the extreme costs of hiring an emergency locksmith or towing your vehicle to the dealership to wait hours for a new key. By having a spare set in a safe accessible place this is where you can avoid having to spend more money and save precious time.

Looking For A Spare Or Duplicate Set Of Keys?

If you’re in the market for a set of duplicate keys, why not go with a local veteran owned and operated mobile locksmith service? Give us a call at Bolt Mobile Locksmith where we offer exceptional service, mobile, and direct to you – without the long dealership wait times and combined extreme costs.